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“I missed the last two call ups and I’m entirely aware that getting here is not easy, it takes a lot of work and sacrifice. There are plenty of players doing good things at the moment, but fortunately my team finished the season on a high note and so did I. I had high hopes for this and was confident about making it, and at last, I can be with my teammates again and I’m looking forward to spending time with them, to start training, playing, preparing and to keep doing my best for his national team.

I am as hopeful and excited as I was on my first day. When a team has won so much and has accomplished so much, it is of utmost importance to remain as hopeful and optimistic as ever, to never lose the hunger to win and succeed. I think these characteristics are what define us, the hunger and the desire to keep proving ourselves.

Mourinho’s arrival to Chelsea has been talked about for a while, and now it’s finally been confirmed it… but I can only think about the Confederations Cup really, that’s what’s on my mind and that’s what I care about. It requires my attention in its entirety, I’m sure there will be time to think about everything else later. As of now, the National Team is the single most important thing. “- Fernando Torres (x

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